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The first steps - How to play online Roulette

Online Roulette is basically a game where players bet their money by placing it on the table (with different fields for different types of bets) and hope that the pellet, which the croupier throws into the famous wheel, finally rolls on the exact number, the color or the combination the player has bet on before by his dedication. That is in short the whole game. Pretty simple to understand!

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Most interesting for the players of Roulette are of course the payout ratios and winning possibilities. To know how much you could possibly win if you're lucky, is absolutely thrilling! The particular gain always depends on the type of bet placed by you, for there are many different betting options at Roulette and online Roulette.

For instance, it is possible that you simply bet your money on all even or odd numbers, on the colour red or black (or green zero), or to different series of numbers. Of course there are also really complicated bets, and if you win one of those, the payout ratio is correspondingly higher.

Before you now dare a leap into the world of online Roulette and start to play immediately, it's a good idea to use the opportunity that many online casinos offer and play Roulette games online for free. For it is a great chance to get used to the Roulette rules and to learn about the various advantages of online Roulette.

Online Roulette - Game Rules

This section is about the different types of rules, bets and the according payout rates and profits of Roulette.

Roulette and online Roulette offer countless ways to place your bets on:

Plein/ Single/ Full Number:
In this bet you bet on a single number.
(Payout ratio: 35 to 1)

Cheval/ Split:
Here you bet on two adjacent numbers, whereas you place your bet on the line between these two numbers.
(Payout ratio: 17 to 1)

Les trois premiers/ First Three:

You bet on three numbers, and again you put your bet on the line where all three numbers are adjacent. This bet is only possible at 0, 1 and 2, or at 0, 2 and 3.
(Payout ratio: 11 to 1)

Carré/ Corner:
You bet on four adjacent numbers by placing your bet on the line where all numbers meet.
(Payout ratio: 8 to 1)

Les premiers quatres/ Four numbers:
You bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2 and 3 by placing your bet on the line between 0 and 3.
(Payout ratio: 8 to 1)

Transverse pleine/ Street:
You bet on a series of three numbers by placing your bet on the end of the series.
(Payout ratio: 11 to 1)

Transversal simple/ Six line:
You bet on two streets of numbers by placing your bet on the line at the end of both series.
(Payout ratio: 5 to 1)

Douzaine/ Dozen:
You bet on the "First 12" (12P, Premier, First 12), "Second 12" (12M, Milieu, Second 12) or "Third 12" (12D, Dernier, Third 12) fields. So you're always betting on a third, which covers 12 numbers.
(Payout ratio: 2 to 1)

Colonne/ Column:
You bet on a column of numbers by placing your bet on any of the three "2 to 1" boxes at the end of the Roulette table. As with the dozen bet, 12 numbers are covered here as well.
(Payout ratio: 2 to 1)

Passe ou Manque/ High or Low/ 1-18 or 19-36:
You bet on one side of the box on the "1 to 18 (low)" or "19 to 36" (high) fields, which each cover 18 numbers.
(Payout ratio: 1 to 1)

Rouge ou Noir/ Red or Black:
You only bet on what colour the pellet will remain. Zero neither counts as red nor black, so when the pellet lands on zero, all bets placed on red or black are lost!
(Payout ratio: 1 to 1)

Pair ou Impair/ Even or Odd:
You only bet on whether the number is even or odd. Zero again doesn't count as neither one of those!

(Payout ratio: 1 to 1)

Online Roulette Strategy

After you've made yourself familiar with the Roulette rules, the most important decision you have to make is to choose between one of the two different versions of Roulette: American or European Roulette. To shorten this decision, however, you should - whenever you have the choice - always decide to play at a table with European Roulette. Why? Well, compared to the French version, on the American Roulette wheel there's an additional field with a double zero, while the European Roulette wheel has the numbers 1 to 36 and zero, but no double zero.

This additional field on the American Roulette wheel means that the probabilities of winning are slightly worse in this version!

All fields are incidentally designed that the probabilities for odd or even and low or high numbers are equal. The red and black, as well as the odd and even numbers alternate uniform. The zero and double zero are located on the opposite of the wheel on green fields. Therefore, the Roulette tip in general: If you have the choice between these two different Roulette wheels, whether in a live casino or you play online Roulette, then you should always decide for the European version!

Roulette online - download

If you've enjoyed playing Roulette online for a few times and realized it could become your favourite casino game, you can easily play it at home as well. Then you might want to download Roulette, especially when you don't want to register at an online casino. Many different websites offer such a Roulette game to download and you'll certainly find something that matches your taste! After downloading the software you can then play it on your computer completely relaxed around the clock and whenever you're in the mood for.

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Online Roulette - Tips

The first and perhaps most important tip is to point out that the house advantage at Roulette (in a live casino or online) is comparatively very high. Therefore, it might be an advantage for you to play at a crowded table. According to calculations the pellet then gets thrown about 30 times per hour, so the time you and your money are exposed to that bank advantage gets reduced. If your selected number has already been bet on with a lot of chips, you don't have to worry. In this case, you put your chips on top of the chips of other players - that is allowed and will be noticed by the croupier.

Next tip: do not follow the mistaken belief that so-called "betting systems" do really work! Unfortunately, for many years until this very day some players still recommend these Roulette systems, which according to them will "guarantee profits". But let's be honest for once: neither in the traditional version nor in Roulette online there's such a system, that would allow you to change the bank advantage or even guarantee you to win. Therefore, please don't waste your time, your strength, and especially not your money by concentrating on Roulette systems!

Roulette betting - Inside and Outside bets in Roulette

In order to play Roulette online or to feel comfortable in a live casino, it is very important to know which different types of bets you can make. For the many technical terms and the fact that the game is played very fast can complicate your decision. It is therefore extremely important that you have some knowledge about the different bets, before you begin with your first Roulette betting round.

The minimum and maximum bets are normally clearly displayed on each Roulette table. Then there is something like: "Inside € 5 minimum bet", "Outside € 5 minimum bet", "Inside € 100 maximum bet", "Outside € 1,000 maximum bet" or something similar with other values, etc. For Inside bets the table maximum is usually lower, because you if you win, you'll benefit from higher payouts. However, the probabilities of winning for Inside bets are equally high or low as for Outside bets. But most casinos, of course, do not necessarily want to lose € 35,000 by a player who's betting € 1,000 on a number and then wins.

Although for Inside and Outside bets the minimum bet is usually the same, you're dealing with two different things. If you want to play an Inside bet in the amount of the minimum of € 5, you're allowed to place five individual € 1 chips on various Inside boxes. The minimum bet for Outside bets in online Roulette, however, means that you must place the entire amount on only one Outside box. This is an important and significant difference, because the betting of € 1 on the box "Straight", € 1 on the box "Red", € 1 on the first 12 numbers, € 1 on the first 18 numbers and € 1 on the first column would not be regarded as a minimum for an Outside bet. Always keep in mind: players can place any bet at the Roulette table by putting their chips on the appropriate box. If you don't play Roulette online but in a live casino, it can be difficult from time to time to get to certain areas of the table. If you want to place your bet, but can't reach this particular area, it's best to put your chips on the table and ask the dealer or croupier to place the chips on the appropriate box on behalf of you.

Roulette - online for free

It's important to point out again to make use of the great opportunity many online casinos offer: You can play Roulette online for free to familiarize yourself with the game and to get used to the whole game situation.

Online Roulette - History

The history of Roulette online of course begins at the time when the traditional game was invented in live casinos. Blaise Pascal, a French scientist who became known for his work in the field of probability theory, invented perpetual motion in France in 1655. If you had asked Monsieur Pascal then, how high the probability would be that one day - based on his invention - tens of millions of fans worldwide will enjoy playing Roulette around the clock, he would have certainly tended to a very low probability.

In the U.S., this popular casino game was then played for the first time in 1800. Once on American soil, Roulette changed in the course of history amazingly, because an additional number, the double zero (00), was added to the Roulette wheel. Before on the (original) European Roulette there was only one zero (0) and the numbers from 1 to 36 on the wheel. These two different versions can still be found in casinos and online casinos today.

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