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The 13 Commandments Poker

I will someday win a Poker tournament. Perhaps it will also happen eventually times.
Targets set is not the most difficult, often it can not be implemented and the question "How important to me are my goals?" Many people do not know how they can achieve their goals, or rather, how to properly lies .. I must admit that it is also not easy and it is easier said than is done.

A proven method is to make himself to any destination including a picture. By this I mean that it is quite a difference whether I say, I will someday win a tournament. Perhaps it will also happen "eventually" times. The goal, however in this case is not clearly defined and set. The other objective is precisely this that I do accurate and realistic targets set, this vivid imagery. E.g. if I want to buy a house or building, I also have pictures of this firm. What about my living room or bathroom for when I'll buy it and how will I pay for it? This is precisely the point when I have my goal clearly in mind, this is the potential for becoming too much higher. One must wonder, why are some people successful and what they do differently than those who lag behind the success. Simple, clear objectives and a disciplined work on it. One or the other will say now, if that is so easy, then this could indeed everyone. The fact is that this is not just anybody can, because we must respect and observe all the factors involved. It's like a three-legged stool, if one leg is missing, the stool falls over.

At this point I would like to recommend a book, which refers to an ancient art of war "SUN TZU The 13 commandments of the eternal strategy. We are talking here of a warlord from ancient China, whose teachings still work after the successful top managers. Among other things, a subject is assumed that a "war" is already decided before the beginning, when set his goals, knows the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents and has mastered the art of deception. That is exactly what makes playing poker. Know the strengths and weaknesses of my opponents. Bluffing at the right moment and follow my strategy. Let's call this "war" even a poker game.

The poker table is our "battlefield" and before I sat down at the table, I get information about my opponent and I think before the game exactly what strategy I choose. A pre-defined tactics to prevent mistakes and eliminates risks, provided I stand by them. What are the strengths and weaknesses of my opponents are and how I can use it for my game. Of course I have to remain flexible in my game, but the more I'm prepared, and the more information I have on my opponents, the better my chances of a victory. Here you have to interject again, that this a good deal of discipline is required. One thing I can say with certainty any of the previously chosen a strategy will have to be better strengthened and sat at a table. When one here yet remains flexible and keeps himself under control, have created excellent preconditions. Be monitored even while that is certainly the most difficult part of it.

In the next articles I will address all 13 commandments, each with an article and I think that this 1: 1 are implemented at the poker table. Here sometimes the title of the first three commandments. The First Commandment: A thorough preparation are the lifeblood of success. The starting position to know and make decisions. The Second Commandment: A wise use of resources, helping to victory. In the struggle to gain new resources. The Third Commandment: The right strategy helps the vision to victory. We beat the enemy with the knowledge and self-control.

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