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Professional poker player?

Professional poker game requires strategic thinking, discipline, psychological insight as well as physical and psychological stress.
Due to the increased presence of poker in the media, the game is increasingly becoming an awareness and enjoys especially in Europe becoming increasingly popular. On the basis of the transmitted win tournaments where the participants at the final table, and especially the winner of the tournament, huge prize money, many will be encouraged, the desire to become a professional poker player.

Not only that, you can earn lots of money, no, you can also divide his time even more, to travel around the world to play tournaments and only needs his favorite pastime to pursue the game of poker. As far as the vision.

The reality, however, sees something different. Professional poker game requires strategic thinking, discipline, psychological insight as well as physical and psychological stress. Moreover, the poker is not teaching, i.e. you have all necessary skills required to play, even to assimilate and become successful, it needs a lot of experience.

However, we must say that the proliferation of online poker, as well as the increased supply of poker literature that has appeared lately in the market, have facilitated the entry and to facilitate the path to professional.

The decision to pursue a professional game, is taken essentially for two reasons.

Firstly, the player finds the game that he earned more than his job and possibly even lower with time. Secondly, one gains more freedom, such as flexible scheduling, or we are no longer dependent on others. Man is his own boss. These reasons mean that people choose to become professionals, even if it means shrinking their income. In addition, the professional designation, a status that one gives oneself. There are no poker guild or something of that nature there are people who call themselves professionals, even though they lose more than winning.

What is now a professional poker player?

First and foremost he is a businessman. He plays poker only reason to win as much as possible in order to maximize his income. That is his only goal. In his income depends on the following factors.

How good are his skills as a player, that is, he has more experience than his opponent at the table. If he can judge the strength of his players properly and exploit their weaknesses for themselves. He mastered all the necessary moves to control the game to where he is involved in a game, etc. Furthermore, his income depends on the number of hands played per hour, because the more hands he can play, the more more he can win. Also important is the amount of the rake or the amount of the fee per unit of time.

Plays a major role in the choice of the game. Some players show their best game only in a limit game and can stand as a no-limit game losing battle. The ability to accurately assess themselves can is vital for a professional. Professional players can be divided into three classes, where the boundaries are blurred.

    * Online Players: These players are eager to play as many hands as possible and are therefore generally simultaneously on multiple tables. Mostly they play limit games, since they run more static, and it is not quite so important, behave like single opponent is, in contrast to no-limit games, which is on the correct assessment of the opponent is of enormous importance.

    * Offline Players: These players prefer the game in a casino or poker room and often play a No Limit game, because here they can watch their opponents focused and recognize their weaknesses and can take advantage of exact.

    * Tournament players: Some players have focused exclusively on tournaments. This path is the most dangerous, because the cost of travel and the very high partial buy-ins, eat the bankroll very quickly and hence it is that some of these players are in debt and she disappears from the scene. There are of course also very successful with players and earning prizes are enormous.

In conclusion, that is very good money with poker income. Professionel has operated but also drawbacks. It is very monotonous to sit for hours every day in front of the PC, and mechanical and focused to play the game. Since it has no room for it professionally fun and action remains, as it inevitably hurts the profit maximization and that is the goal of the professionals. Furthermore, the cost of travel, accommodation etc. considerably when visiting casinos or tournaments, so you're quickly broke, if success does not occur. Not to forget is that you keep a flexible allocation of time, despite a disciplined and healthy life in order to be successful in the long term, for a tournament or a session in a casino is grueling and exhausting. Therefore, it is important to be physically and mentally in top shape, above all, in order to successfully be able to exist and this in turn means daily training and preparation. Not to forget is that even his own game again and again to the test to detect any errors crept in and destroyed. 

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