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The main thesis of this article is that many people Suited connectors in wrong situations and play with false expectations.
Last Friday the Norwegian parliament adopted a law which makes it online players from Norway bans on online gambling sites to raise money to play.
For over ten years, he counts on the successful German poker professionals and earns his living primarily to the cash game tables in Wiesbaden.
"High Stakes Poker" has just completed the line-up for the upcoming announced.
Sebastian Ruthenberg is still good in the race. Erich Kollmann was the unfortunate Bubble Boy.
This step was long overdue, because the poker PokerRoom labels and EuroPoker got no noticeable addition.
Since 2006 directed Everest from the so-called EPEC, a tournament, which originally was launched to beginners the first live poker experience possible.
In the fourth part of our series "Sklanskys poker" accompany the famous author to a cash game during the World Series of Poker 1975.
David Sklansky, in his 30-year poker career so much experience.
There are three very important factors, which are good to know before you play online poker.
The SHOW DOWN PokerCup'09 starts in the new season with prices, with a total value of over € 10,000!
Kid Poker wins the second largest Canadian poker tournament of the year and receive a prize money of $ 371,910.
After the tournament in Graz, Linz and Salzburg were students in Vienna in Concord Card Casino in a last times.
A new poker variant has recently started a U.S. - American businessman presented.
Wild West scenes played this week at a home game in Williston, from Florida.

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