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Getting Started How to play online Blackjack

If you want to play Blackjack online, everything you need to know is that it is actually played on the internet just like in a real casino. There are, however, some advantages of the online version in addition. When you're playing Blackjack online, you will notice that there is a dealer and usually one to five players sitting in front of him/ her. Before the dealer deals out the cards the players place their bets on the table. Depending on the table where you're playing these bets can be between 1 and a maximum of 500. Don't worry though, the minimum and maximum bets are usually shown at the table very clearly. Players can use all their available chips, and as soon as all players have placed their money (i. e. their chips) and have selected the option "Deal" the round starts. Afterwards, players can't change their bets any more. However, they can raise their bets by choosing options such as doubling, splitting or insurance (the latter is usually not recommended).

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Online Blackjack Rules

The online version of Blackjack rules differ, as already mentioned, very little from the standard Blackjack game rules: Each player receives 2 cards, one face up and one (initially) face down. The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to the number 21 - or at least to get closer than the dealer, you're playing against. Players can receive as many cards as they want (referred to as "hit"). They can also choose to require no further cards (also called "stand").

A Blackjack occurs when the player is dealt a 10 or an ace. Then one and a half times of the player's original bet is paid out. Of course, it is also possible that the dealer was equally lucky. In this case, if there is a tie between the player and dealer, the dealer gets a "push" and the player gets back his bet. Another important rule that you should remember is that the dealer must continue to deal out cards to himself if he has 16 or a smaller number, and he has to stand when his hand has 17 or more. If the dealer chooses to "push" all players at the table are paid out.

This may sound a bit complicated in the beginning, when you are starting to play Blackjack, but actually the Blackjack rules are easily manageable, as you will soon discover.

Blackjack, Black Jack, 21, Seventeen and four 

Surely you've wondered why there is so may names for this popular card game. Well, the original French game was called "21" ("vingt-et-un" in French). When the game came to North America, they kept the name at first, that is "twenty-one". Here, however, it didn't enjoy any great popularity and the casinos tried to attract players with different bonuses: For instance, if a player had a spade ace and a spade jack, i.e. a "black jack", he had the required 21 points and won - because of the particular combination - a special benefit.

The name "black jack" for the game "21" was retained, and quickly became "Blackjack". In German, Blackjack is also known as "17 and 4".

Online Blackjack Glossary

Even if you initially play Blackjack for free and have no intention of going through the entire Blackjack rules (yet), you might get familiar with the following terms you'll come across in an online Blackjack game, but also in a land based casino:

Hit: take another card

Stand: take no further card

Double Down/ doubling: you can double your bet during the game, but only if you have already received two cards. If you double, you get ONE more card and you can request no further cards after having received this one additional card.

Split: Split one pair into two hands - the original bet is placed on one hand, and a new bet of the same value is placed on the second hand.

Insurance: If the dealer shows an ace, you can sometimes choose (if this option is available at the table), whether to insure against the case that the dealer has a 10 or face card facing down. If the down card is actually a 10 or a face card, the player gets his insurance back and his bet will be paid out 2-1. If the dealer's card isn't 10 or a picture card though, the player loses his insurance bet. Strategically, this is never a good option, therefore most people recommend not to take insurance.

Playing Blackjack for free: As already mentioned, like in most online casino games, you have the possibility to play online Blackjack for free. This option is usually referred to as "training mode" or similar, and enables you to slowly familiarize yourself with the Blackjack rules and technical terms, before you actually bet real money. It is available in most good online casinos.

In the following section there's a few more tips and strategies for Blackjack online game. Remember: The more you know about everything, the more comfortable you feel when you have to make decisions at the table!

Insurance: What does it actually mean? Well, if the dealer's card is an ace, the players have the opportunity to take an insurance before the dealer's hole card is revealed (if this card is a face card, it would give the dealer a Blackjack and all players at the table had lost!).

If a player wants to take insurance, he can place an amount equal to half of the original bet. This new bet will be placed separately in a special area on the table. You're now betting that the dealer has a natural 21 and - if you're right you'll get paid out your bet 2-1. It is called insurance because you're protecting your initial bet against the possible Blackjack of the dealer.

Insurance usually isn't a good bet though, because the bank has an advantage of 2 to 15%, depending amongst others on the visible 10-cards. With the insurance bet you're actually betting that the hole card of the dealer is a 10 or a face card.

Blackjack Systems and Blackjack tables

If you play Blackjack online, before making decisions you need to differentiate strictly between "hard hand", "soft hand" and pairs and adjust your game accordingly. A soft hand is when you're holding an ace (that either counts as 1 or 11), which means the total value of your hand has yet to be defined. A hard hand is a hand without an ace. And of course, a pair is when both cards have the same number.

Considering what kind of hand you should play is important for dealing with Blackjack systems and Blackjack tables. Blackjack systems are based on probabilities. On the so-designed tables, such as the Blackjack tables, you can see how to behave best in a particular game situation, that is, whether you should take another card or not - depending on what the dealer shows and of course, depending on whether you can play a soft or hard hand or a couple. All options, based on mathematical formulas can be read in such a Blackjack table.

Online Blackjack multi-player games

If you want to learn more about the game or have learned to love it already and are looking for other Blackjack variants, you should use the opportunity to play Blackjack in the multi-player mode. This variant is one of the hottest trends in the online world and allows you to play not only against the dealer, but also against other players! The jackpots can be quite lucrative and this Blackjack variant appears to be all the rage.

Blackjack Download

If you've played Blackjack online games a few times, and it turned out it gives you a lot of fun, then you can simply play it at home on your computer if you don't intend to register at an online casino and also don't want to play for money (although, of course some online casinos offer to play slot games for free), then it's a good idea to download Blackjack. Many different sites on the internet offer such downloads and you'll surely find something that matches your taste! After downloading the Blackjack software you can play it any time of day, totally relaxed and whenever you're in the mood.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is one of the few games where players can actually affect the result of the game. So if you like to take your fate into your own hands (at least as far as possible keep in mind that the bank always has an advantage!), online Blackjack may probably be the best game for you.

To have a good strategy, is of great importance if you want to maximize your chances. If you're not familiar with the basic Blackjack strategy, you're practically throwing your money out of the window. The most important thing you should never forget is the fact that there are several rules of thumb, you should always follow. Except, of course if you're one of those players who really don't bother about caution ... (which is not recommend, but hey, everyone should play like he or she pleases).

Ready to play, but still concerned about the financial risk? Thanks to the online gambling industry, there's a new Blackjack strategy, to play free Blackjack. You read correctly. Today you can first get a grip of the game by playing in a learning mode, which is offered by the better online casinos. That means you can play Blackjack for free and learn the game without financial pressure.

Online Blackjack Tips

The following online Blackjack tips are considered as a general knowledge by many players and provide long term and reliable basic Blackjack rules that help you to soon be able to play online Blackjack successfully. Some of these tips may repeat information already mentioned, but if you are looking for a concise summary of the most respected Blackjack strategies that you can remember most easily, the following list should be a great starting point:

- Never split your 10s! (An absolute taboo in an online Blackjack game!)

- Always split your aces and 8s, regardless what card the dealer shows!

- If you don't just count cards, never choose insurance!

- From 13 to 16 you shouldn't take cards (stand), but only if the dealer's card is 6 or less. If his/ her card is 7 to ace, then you should take a card (hit).

- If the dealer has a 4, 5 or 6, you should stand at a 12.

- If the dealer has a 2, 3, 7, or a higher value, then you should hit at a 12.

- You should keep going until you have at least 17, or the dealer's card is a 10.

- At a so-called soft 17, you should go on if the dealer's card is a 10.

You don't feel comfortable to try these Blackjack tips in a game for real money? Then take the opportunity of a free round of Blackjack at one of the leading online casinos.

Blackjack History

The history of Blackjack reaches far back into the past. The game is, more precisely, centuries old. What began in French casinos in the 18th century, has since been played enthusiastically by players all around the world, both in gambling casinos and at home. Although compared to the original form of the game the history of online Blackjack is very short, there is yet quite a few things to tell on how the online version has progressed.

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